About Us

Clean, green and environmentally focused skincare. 

We believe that taking care of the earth is just as important as taking care of ourselves. And as it turns out, they go hand-in-hand! Hooray! 

We source our herbs, oils, and butters as organic, and sustainably grown and harvested as possible.  Our ingredients that aren’t straight of of the ground are ECOCERT certified so you can have clean skin AND a clean conscience. 






We need the earth, it does not need us. That simple fact is the driving force behind our mission. Everything we eat, use and purchase comes from the earth. And what are we giving back? A lot of not so good stuff, guys!

When I first started Crunchy Life, I was focused on creating simple, safe, and effective skincare. Skincare with purposeful ingredients and without fillers, toxins, or weird, confusing ingredients. Done and done.

And then... somewhere along the way, I began to see the undeniable, beautiful connection between us and the earth. We literally can’t do or have anything without it!

I realized that I wanted to be a force of good and change in the world. That’s when I started making changes in my business and my personal life. Out with the plastic, single-use items and in with recycled, recyclable, reusable items that have a long life-span.

To us, being “crunchy” and living a crunchy lifestyle boils down to having a natural, healthy, environmentally conscious way of life. Sharing knowledge and ideas with each other. We want to help and encourage people to make healthier decisions for themselves and for the earth.

And so through always striving to be better and working towards a more symbiotic relationship with nature, we can make real, meaningful change for everyone.