The Minis Kit

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Take your skincare on the go with our 4-piece mini set to keep skin fresh and hydrated. This bundle has just the essentials to help you keep your carry-on light. Packaged in 2oz glass bottles, they are TSA approved.

This set is also the perfect trial size if you want to try out our products before investing in the full-size versions. There is enough of each product to really experience the beauty of Crunchy Life for at least a full month!

Comes in our cute, multi-use cotton bag :).


Gentle Gel Cleanser (2 oz):  A pleasant, lavender-scented cleanser that breaks down dirt and grime leaving you with a clean, bright complexion.

Hibiscus Rose Face Mist (2 oz): Mist onto face to infuse skin with humectants and an active herbal extract of hibiscus.

Incredibly Nourishing Face Oil (.5 oz): A fast-absorbing oil chock full of nutrients to restore moisture, brighten, and support the skin's protective barrier, reduce inflammation and improve overall skin health.

The Works (1 oz):  A nourishing and healing balm for any and all chapped, dry skin. From your nose to your toes!