Our Ingredients



We believe in the conservation and rehabilitation of the environment. For that reason, we source high-quality, consciously grown and processed herbs, oils and butters. Whenever possible, we buy directly from the farmers who grow them. We love any opportunity to support growers who honor the relationship between their plants and the soil.

Some ingredients, while pant-derived, are made in a laboratory. Like preservatives and emulsifiers. This is not a bad thing! This makes them shelf stable and ensures that they won’t grow mold and bacteria in your bathroom. A pretty good idea, right?

We would never use: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, butylated compounds(BHA), ethanolamine compounds(MEA, TEA, DEA), ethoxylated ingredients, polyacrylamide, GMOs, silicones, petroleum distillates, synthetic preservatives, artificial dies or fragrances.

All of our ingredients are ECOCERT certified and Whole Foods Premium Body Care approved which means they meet the strictest standards in both safety and sustainability...